10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Millions of people today have been bitten by the “Blogging Bug” and if you are among them, then congratulations are in order, as you are going to have a lot of fun! According to an estimate. The number of US bloggers will pass over 31 million in 2020,

There are many different reasons why anyone starts a blog. Some of them do it just to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away and others do it because they want to share their knowledge or their hobbies and then there are those who use a blog to make money.

No matter what your reason is for getting started as a blogger, it is essential that you start the right way and get some good advice. Blogging is a fairly easy thing to learn in fact the majority of people can discover all they need to know in approximately an hour or two.

Below are ten key points to consider as you start your blogging adventure.

 1- Topics People Are Searching On Google.

When it comes to the topic of your blog there are two important points to think about. What do you love and do you intend using your blog to monetize it? There are times when these two things may overlap, in other words your business blog may be all about something that you love or are deeply interested in.

If you have a hobby but not enough people interested in it to make it profitable, then obviously this is not something you would try to make money from as not too many will pay for products related to it. 

More than 50% of all website traffic comes from organic search results. If your blog topic is not getting enough traffic, You will loose that huge share of visitors.  That’s where the keyword search tools help to find ideas. There are some good free keyword tools available too if you do not want to spend when starting out blogging. 

2-Give Your Visitors Reasons To Come Back.

The important point to keep in mind when you start a blog, particularly if it is a business blog to make money, is that you will want people to return to it regularly to read your latest posts.

If you want them to keep returning then you will need to ensure that your posts your blog are related to the theme or topic of your blog. For example if your blog is about dog training then there is no point in discussing subjects that are totally unrelated to dogs.

Occasionally it may be all right to break away from the subject slightly, but if this happens too often you will lose a lot of your readers.

Remember that they joined because of their interest in your original subject, so give them what they signed up for.

3- Add a Video

Videos contribute more blog traffic. The number of people watching videos on their mobile devices are increasing 100% annually.  More than 80% of marketers are using videos in their marketing campaigns.

Video is becoming more preferable choice of consuming information than reading. People are busier today and their attention span is also getting shorter. 

There are many  free and affordable options to make a video  and add it to your blog.  This will boost your  SEO ratings.

10 blogging tips for beginners

4- Mobile  Optimized

About 50% of web visitors are from mobile devices. Expect about half of your visitors accessing your blog from a mobile device. If your blog is not optimizied for mobile devices you will loose 50% of web traffic.  Word press is the most common platform for blogging. Almost all word press themes are responsive, means they are optimized for different screen sizes.

Here is an article from mashable.com about optimizing your blog.

5-High Quality Content

 Don’t make the mistake of forgetting that you are writing for real people. Too many blogs fail because they concentrate too much on the SEO criteria and forget that people are going to be reading these posts, they are not just for the search engines.

While writing a quality post is more about the information it contains it is also essential to remember that you must be able to hold the interest of and relate to your readers.

There is a simple way to do this and that is by starting off with a short paragraph to illustrate the point you are going to make, and using metaphors and similes is perfect for this type of situation, as they will not only engage your readers by getting their attention, but will at the same time help them to understand what the topic is about.

6-No Short and Sweet

You would be amazed at how the length of your post will determine how many people read it. Generally shorter is better and if you can get your point across with fewer words,but your search engines like the other way.

Google loves comprehensive and detail information on the topic so the visitors don’t have to spent lots of time to hop at various websites to gather all the information they need. make sense! 

A post over 3000 words now gets more eyeballs than under 1000 words. Most popular blogs have their post anywhere between 1400 to 6000 words long.

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There is a reason why blogs gain a larger following than many static websites and that is because the content is constantly updated. You will find a variety of theories on how often you should update your business blog and these can range from anywhere between 3 times a week to once a week or even once a month.

The issue here is not how frequently you post, but more importantly that you keep posting regularly. If you choose to post once a week then you must stick to that plan, there is nothing that will kill a business blog quicker than not updating the content on a regular basis.

That becomes very chalanging if you have more than one web site and you want to add new contents frequently. There are paid services that can help you. This is more feasible  if you are making some money from your blog.

Contentfly is one of many websites that write content for your blog. 

8- Headline that grab attention.

Grab your readers’ attention by writing a headline that makes them want to read more. Because there is so much information on the internet today, you need to get the attention of your reader in the first few seconds or you have lost them so write a headline that makes them want to read more.

This post explains in detail what should be included in you headline.

9-Use interactive content

The great thing about a blog is that it is interactive, so people who enjoy what you have written will be able to leave a comment on the topic and when they do this be sure to pay attention to what they have to say.

Look for any questions in these comments as they are a great way to get topics to write about. Make sure that before you post any information on your blog that you have researched the subject thoroughly especially if you want to appear as an expert in that niche.

The more you know the better your likelihood of people accepting you as an expert and there are many people out there who have good knowledge so don’t think that you are only answering to people who are not clued up on the subject.

You can also get your readers involved by using polls, quizzes, surveys, and infographics.

10-Build list

Encourage your readers to subscribe to your mailing list. An optin form is a must on every website to collect email address. Spend some time making yourself available to your visitors. Keep your profile up to date and include email instructions so that any questions your followers may have they can email you.

By making yourself available to your readers not only will they feel happier because now they know that you are a real person, but this is your opportunity to start building a community of like minded people who will most probably end up as your customers.

More about blogging.

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