How To Drive Traffic to Your Website

How To Drive Traffic to Your Website

In spite of the constant information we keep getting about the importance of search engine optimization there are still many online business marketers who seem totally oblivious to the question of how to drive traffic to their websites.

Drive Traffic To Your Web Site

To increase the volume of traffic to your website whether it is targeted or not, is vital and something that you must think about when working on improving your online business.  Remember though that the best kind of traffic to get is still targeted.

Just as a bricks and mortar store depends on constant visitors (if this doesn’t happen then there is a problem with the business) so too does a website need traffic. Think about it, these visitors to your site are all potential customers and without sales you do not have a business.

When online businesses refer to traffic it actually equates to the number of visitors to your website, people who may be interested in buying something from you, be it products or services.

Traffic partly determines the possibility of making a profit, very similar to the way in which the number of people entering a mall will determine the profitability of the businesses there.

When you have a limited number of eyeballs viewing your website you have very little opportunity to showcase your products. Increasing the amount of traffic is therefore fundamental to your online business succeeding.

There are a number of factors involved when a potential customer browses the internet looking for the solution to a problem they might have and the possibility of them doing business with you.

Where this differs from a specialty store where people already know the kind of products they will find there, websites usually are introduced to web surfers via search engine crawlers.

When someone types in a particular word or phrase on a search engine such as Google or Bing in the quest to find a product the crawlers search through a massive amount of web information looking for the most suitable words or phrases according to what has been typed and these are the websites that get presented.

What makes the issue complicated is the fact that these crawlers are not actually human, so they are likely to feed you with information that most closely applies to the words or phrases that you entered (according to their own standards) not necessarily yours.

This results in them displaying your website for these keywords when it may be totally unrelated to your subject matter or product and may not be what the person searching was looking for at all.

When somebody like this clicks on your site it will give you traffic, but this cannot be considered targeted traffic as they are really not looking for what you offer and are unlikely to spend any time on your website.

Even though a large amount of traffic shows that you have a strong web visibility, it is not targeted traffic and therefore will not do much to increase your profitability.

Targeted traffic on the other hand is comprised of people who are actually looking for the kind of information or products that you are offering and they are far more likely to purchase from you, which is how you will make money and run a successful online business. Your goal therefore should be to increase targeted traffic to your website.

generating Traffic

Ways Of Generating Traffic

There are a variety of methods that you can use to drive traffic to your website such as making use of search engine optimization, advertising in directories or using pay per click and also through word of mouth or recommendations.

A search engine is a place on the internet where people go to find information that they want or need and this is done by using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing just to name a few. What generally happens is that that they will enter a keyword which is usually something relating to the type of query they have and the search engine will give them a list of results relating to that word or phrase.

If your website has a high ranking for that particular keyword then your site will be displayed in the results and this will lead to traffic visiting your website, so the higher your site is displayed the better the chance of you getting good traffic.

You get recommendations through other internet users who like what you offer and will recommend your website to other people.

Directories are sites where you can submit your website for listing and it will then be displayed by the directory where it can be accessed by people looking for information in that particular category.

When it comes to driving traffic to your website either from search engines or directories you will need to be listed or ranked in a reasonably high position.

Recommendations on the other hand can come from any source and at any time and the best way to get them is by having happy customers who like the information you offer or are happy with the service or products that you have supplied to them.

If you treat them well and conduct your business with integrity, they will be only too pleased to recommend you to their friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising you can get and the nice thing is that it is free.

Other ways to increase your website traffic are by forum marketing, RSS feeds and blogging. If your website has good quality content then visitors will continue to come back, because what you are giving them is quality information.

Social Media Platforms and Incentives

While social media platforms usage is seemingly at the brink of these latest trends, most professional marketers are creating innovating marketing campaigns to reach people who are members of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media groups.

One of the main goals is to ensure people who are involved in these media become followers of their companies on a recurrent basis, while also purchasing the products and services that they sell.

To gain loyal customers, some companies offer deep discount coupons so that people can try new products. Also, if the customer’s experiences are good, the company may also provide additional ways for users to share their experiences with others in these huge networks.

In addition to deep discounted products, some companies sponsor contest for large audiences to participate in. Whether the contest is for a popular android phone or a big screen TV, these contests are designed to attract more customer to the company’s site and keep them engaged when they have become a part of a captured audience.

When these contest are implemented and managed appropriately, people from these social networks will also direct others to the company’s site.

Mobile Technology

Companies who keep their ear on the heart beat of innovative technology can also take advantage of recent changes in mobile technology. From offering loadable coupons to paying for products and services via mobile phones, companies that meet these ever changing demands can also get a jump start on those that fall behind in technology.

Instead of using a credit card to pay for gas, customers can now use their mobile phones to make their purchases. With NFC (Near Field Communication), customers can pay for items at their local grocery store and
other places that have the hardware and software available. In fact, companies that accept mobile phones as a valid method of payment are on the cutting edge of the latest technology. They are also meeting the demands and the needs of customers that have the capability in their hands.

By using social media platforms, mobile technology and other innovations, companies can attract more customers and increase web traffic to their sites. With a variety of different contests, incentives and additional methods of payments, the savvy customer will seek those companies out that have a cutting edge over others in their industry.

These are just a few methods you can use to start getting traffic to your website but there are many more ways that can be used. Just keep an open mind and actively promote your website by making sure that it is correctly search engine optimized and get it in front of as many viewers as possible. This post will give you 30 ways to generate traffic to your website.

Business owners all over the world are competing aggressively with others in their industry by using different marketing strategies and techniques to increase web traffic. Large and small companies are employing teams of marketing professionals to get their products and services into the mainstream.

To accomplish these tasks, some marketing professionals are taking advantage of many innovative ideas to ensure the company or the companies that they represent are on the top of the major search engines.

Therefore, they are using many techniques to generate new ideas. From brainstorming meetings to bringing in marketing consultants from successful firms, they are normally pulling out all of the stops to make sure that they can attract more customer’s to their sites.

Getting traffic to your site can be hard work but if you are willing to do what it takes your efforts will pay off in the end and your online income will increase.

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