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marketing automation

Marketing Automation

How not to loose your website traffic when you are taking a time out.

Loss of traffic is one of the biggest concerns that internet marketers have. It is when they go to spend any extended time away from marketing and updating their websites.

Although one of the benefits of working at home on an internet business is that you get to choose when to work or not. This concern is something that all of us tend to think about.

Remember though that there is always the option of taking a laptop with you on your holiday.  Then you would be able to work whenever you feel the need to do so or at least stay in touch with your business.

If however if you are one of those people who prefer to take a complete break from your computer, marketing automation can keep the traffic flowing.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation automates those little things that you should be doing regularly and probably have already done at one time or another.
It enables you to find : a-new customers faster. b-onboard existing customers. c-increased loyalty among your existing customers. d-identify your high-growth and highly profitable customer segments. e- increase your communication and your engagement with them.

Marketing automation is about using software and technology to perform sales and marketing functions more effectively through using multiple channels. It automates simple tasks that might sound like a mouthful.

The first thing is by automating simple repetitive messages that you’ve probably already written. You can explode your engagement among prospects, existing customers and onboarding new customers.

For example, a new customer may not know everything about you and all the aspects of the products.

You drive some immediate responses and they become familiar with you, your company and your brand when they receive a welcome series of emails that form and educate them about your company.

Welcome series emails are opened more frequently. They’re clicked through more frequently and they drive more revenue than any other type of email.

By taking communications that you’ve most likely already written is a matter of putting them on a schedule but they’re only going to be sent to new customers at specific intervals.

You can plan these communications to elicit a response. Utilize links in those emails to drive those customers return to your site to learn more information about your company or provide a specific call to action.

Anytime, anyone takes action and interacts with your website or with your company, you can also send them a thank-you email.

These emails get much higher engagement than others. People open and click through these emails at a much higher rate than other typical email campaigns.

What’s interesting is just by sending a thank-you email it can also generate six times the revenue of other types of email campaigns as well.

People like to be recognized and noticed for the things they do and when you do that through interactions with your company you increase your customer loyalty.

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Sale Funnel

The second most exciting thing about marketing automation is the ability to flatten your sales funnel.
It reduces the amount of time of taking someone from a lead to a prospect to a sale. Because through coordinating planned communications you walk them through the steps of giving them the answers to the questions that they have because you probably already have these emails.

Your sales team may already have written these emails but by identifying the typical questions prospects have before they become customers the typical obstacles that are encountered, you can create planned communications that go out on a schedule and lead people through the process.

By doing that you’re automating information through a series that helps to prioritize, who you should contact first which prospects you can spend more time.
You can learn if these are good leads or just someone who is just looking for some information and they don’t have any intention of becoming a customer.

Through these planned emails, you can see who is interacting with your company, who has expressed needs that you can act on.
You close more deals because you have the ability through marketing automation to focus on the right leads at the right time.

Through marketing automation we can nurture leads to become customers. We can nurture our existing customer base to learn more information about them as we learn where our customers live, their likes, their dislikes, their preferences, the content  they find interesting, the products that they are more attracted to.

We can start conversing with them on a more personable a more specific level. we can develop highly efficient customer segments from the data that we’ve accumulated and we could present offers that are highly targeted relevant and specific to each group of customers.

Marketing automation also helps you identify your best customers. You would love going through and looking for your top 20% of customers and figuring out why are they top 20%.

You can build better loyalty by giving better offers that are more customized and personalized to them and develop an inner circle mentality and provide incentives.

You can talk to them at a different level because these are the ones that are most likely going to be your advocates and so you can feed them information.

You can also treat them differently because they’re on a different level than the rest of your customers and automation helps you identify these customers faster more efficiently and deliver information that they want to hear.

Using marketing automation, you will be able to not only make sure that your website traffic flow will continue during your absence, but chances are that by the time you get back from your holiday your internet home business will have continued to grow and improve while you were relaxing somewhere in the sunshine.

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